What is Checkmk?

Checkmk is a popular open-source network and infrastructure monitoring tool. It is known for being easy to use and for providing a wide range of features that allow users to monitor their network and infrastructure in real time.

Checkmk uses a variety of software technologies to provide its network and infrastructure monitoring capabilities. It is built on top of the Nagios core, which provides the underlying monitoring engine, and it also uses a variety of other open-source tools and technologies to provide features such as graphing, alerting, and reporting. Additionally, Checkmk is built using the Python programming language, and it uses a web-based interface for user interaction.

How to Install CheckMK?

Download Checkmk :


Check SHA256 signature :

sudo apt install ./check-mk-raw-2.1.0p17_0.jammy_amd64.deb

Afterwards we can test if the installation was successful by running the omd version command:

omd version

Create monitoring site:

omd create monitoring

Now start monitoring website :

omd start monitoring

Now go ahead and check URL with your new monitoring website.